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Dear Parents,

          Welcome to our school. The Nest Farm Preschool is founded on a need that I encountered while trying to find excellent child care for my son. I interviewed at local daycares and found that none of them offered flexible hours, healthy food, and a home-based feel to their environment. I wanted my son to have access to the wonderful parks and attractions in San Diego as well as close social interactions with younger children of all ages. I wanted healthy meals made in miniature, not “toddler food.” I wanted to integrate the latest in curriculum education in an outdoor, play-based Reggio Emilia environment. I wanted my son to play with animals, work in our garden, and have an even more enriching experience in my absence than I could provide by myself.

          Those deficits are the elements we’ve focused on here at The Nest Farm Preschool. We understand that most daycare hours don’t fit within the needs of the modern parent. My husband is a doctor and I’m the CEO of a non-profit and an attorney. Neither one of those positions work with a 1 pm or 5 pm pick up time. We’ve created our flex schedule so we can work with you to provide care when you need it. All meals at The Nest are made to be both healthy and tasty. A healthy, wholesome diet is a fundamental building block of healthy child development. We want to work with your parenting practices. We are happy to support baby-wearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, or elimination communication. At The Nest, we capitalize on all the educational adventures around San Diego. Field trips are not once a quarter, but several times a week. Students spend their days playing in nature, not in a classroom. Additionally, we focus on the educational and health benefits of caring for pets and tending our organic garden. Please check out our research section to get a comprehensive view of the theories upon which we’ve developed our curriculum.  All of these convictions are best summarized by a single belief: childcare should fully support the family. At The Nest Farm Preschool we are elevating childcare by supporting families.


Sincerely Yours,

Ellen Williams


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